The Following Local and Statewide Laws Protect Youth from Candy Flavored Addiction


MARIN COUNTY JURISDICTIONS: Tobacco Retailer Ordinances


The era of addiction-based industries marketing candy flavored tobacco and vaping devices has come to an end in Marin County. Check your community ordinance here!














Tobacco Industry Targets Low Income Communities (excellent website): 

Truth Campaign





Cigarette Use on Low Socio-economic status populations:


Cost to Society of Smoking Article:


Check out this website on how sinister tobacco and electronic smoking device industries target  youth more than ever with ever-increasing addictive products, poisoning their bodies and the environment:  Still Blowing Smoke out this website on how the tobacco and electronic smoking device industries target  youth more than ever:  Still Blowing Smoke

The Tobacco and E-Cigarette industries targets youth, low income people  and communities of color, for their replacement customers.

Targets for the tobacco and e-cigarette industry include youth, income people, LGBTQ, minorities and communities of color: 


We (Smoke-free Marin Coalition members) send social media articles to Marin City and the Canal Community Alliance twice a year to promote high compliance rates with smoke-free and tobacco retailer licensing ordinances.


Here is a video link about how youth are responding to the industry promotions:  



Marin Leaders Stood up to the Tobacco and Vaping Industries by passing comprehensive Tobacco Flavor Bans and Tobacco Free Pharmacy Ordinances. Check out why in this short mini-documentary: Community Leaders Stand Up to the Tobacco and Vaping Industries!


The tobacco and vaping industries (and other industries promoting addictive substances) deny that they market to youth, but their candy-flavored products tell a different story.  To learn more, visit: Flavors Hook Kids - Addiction is NOT a Phase!

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