If you are experiencing a problem with: (1) drifting tobacco, (2) marijuana smoke or (3) toxic aerosols from electronic smoking devices, we may be able to help.  Although we cannot provide enforcement, we can sometimes help resolve the problem by sending an educational letter to your property manager and or homeowners’ association. Simply download or print the Smoking Complaint Form (Word or PDF) below and provide as much detail as possible. Let us know if you prefer that we keep your identity confidential. If you do not have access to a computer or the Internet, you may phone: (415) 473-3020 for assistance in completing the form. Please email your completed form (as an attachment, preferably in Word if possible, otherwise send the PDF) to: complaints@smokefreemarin.com. Note that we provide education to your property manager but we cannot enforce smoke-free laws. Please allow at least 14 days for the process during high volume workloads. Thank you for protecting public health and safety.

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Smoking Ordinance Violation__ Complaint[...]
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Phone: (415) 473-3020  Email:  complaints@smokefreemarin.com 

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