You have come to the right place; we are here to  help! Scroll down for statewide free resources in California, followed by local Marin-based options and national web and text resources. Here is all you will need to quit smoking or vaping.  Everything listed here is free of charge. You have nothing to lose, so check it out!

California Resources to Help You Get Free of Nicotine Addiction



Quit smoking or vaping in 2023 with free help at:



Local (Marin based)  Smoking Cessation Resources


Hypnotherapy: Andrew Radar, Freedom From Smokes


Phone (415) 488-0201



Local Classes: Kaiser-Permanente Smoking Cessation Resources (Members only) Call 415-491-6550, para Espanol llame 415-491-6555 for Classes in San Rafael and Novato.



Chinese Medicine: Stephanie Lum, Licensed Respiratory Therapist and Chinese Medicine Physician in San Rafael


Phone # 415-459-2245 Web:


National Web-based and Text Support 


This is Quitting:  



(Excellent "how to" user friendly guide) 


Become an Ex:


Nicotine Anonymous:



Check out CDC's Benefits of Quitting (for all ages): 

CDC Benefits of Quitting






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