Why have Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing?



Tobacco and marijuana smoke, nicotine, and cannabis vapes...

  • emit toxic fumes that damage our lungs and immune system;
  • create fire hazards endangering the health and safety of those living in our homes as well as our neighbors; especially those who share our walls and patio air space.


The tobacco, vaping, and cannabis industries want you to believe that these products are safe, smell great, make us more trendy and cool, and are good for our health.  Is this marketing actually true, though?


Check out these websites to learn more about what these industries don't want you to know! 








How can those living in multi-unit housing be protected from this health hazard?  Check out resources and videos for smoke-free living in apartments, condos, and townhouses below!


Smoke-Free Policy Implementation and Enforcement Resources and Tools for Tenants, Managers, Owners and Homeowners' Associations 

Links to Smoke-free Living in duplexes, apartments, condos, houseboats and townhouses. 

Making Condos Smoke-Free 


New Signs are available for property managers - for downloading and taking to your sign shop. These reflect the new state law that pertains to medical and non-medical marijuana as well as e-cigarettes, which may not be used wherever smoking is prohibited. You can order and or download them from this website:  https://www.tecc.org/product/no-smoking-no-vaping/

Quitting improves your health immediately!

Ready for your freedom from nicotine in tobacco or e-cigarettes/vapes? For free phone counseling or a text support program at your convenience, contact the California Smoker's Helpline at: 1-800-NO-BUTTS (1-800-662-8887) or visit: www.nobutts.org 

Get involved.

To learn more about how to join our life saving work,  contact: SFMCoalition@smokefreemarin.com 

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