Storefront Advertising Impacts


Tobacco Companies target youth, communities of color and vulnerable populations. For example, menthol products target Blacks and African Americans, especially the young. This creates inequities and health injustices. 


The tobacco companies claim that they have stopped intentionally marketing to kids and targeting youth in their research or promotional efforts, but they continue to hide the ingredients in new products and advertise tobacco in ways that reach vulnerable underage populations. 


Tobacco companies continue to advertise heavily at retail outlets near schools and playgrounds, with large ads and signs clearly visible from outside the stores. In fact, in 2018 tobacco companies spent 96 percent ($8.7 billion) of their total advertising and promotion expenditures on strategies that facilitated retail sales.  Here in Marin, we care about what youth see on their walks to school.



For more information:  UNDO.ORG 



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