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 Memorial Video about Jennie Cook,  our Co-Chair for over 18 years.

Jennie Cook Tribute: https://vimeo.com/513703338


Rest in Peace, Jennie!


Check out our 3-minute introductory video to the Smoke-Free Marin Coalition's accomplishments: https://vimeo.com/373979718


Check out our county's tobacco control grades on this page: Local Updates


The Smoke-Free Marin Coalition has been a resource to local decision-makers, schools, reporters, and residents since July 1990 and we are now in our 30th year of clearing the smoke from all the places where you live, work, and play!


Our members represent local organizations including the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, Marin County Related Tobacco Disease Control Program,  Marin County Office of Education's TUPE Program,  Marin Link, Marin County Pharmacists Association, PPSI, Bay Area Community Resources, Families4SaferSchools, Youth Leadership Institute, Golden Gate Breathe, Public Health Institute, Coalition Connection, and the Smoke-Free Marin Youth Coalition:  https://www.nicoteenfree.com/  


The Smoke-Free Marin Coalition provides educational support for local communities and residents in their public health and safety from the hazards of drifting smoke, tobacco and e-cigarette fires, and youth access to addictive products such as Flavor/Menthol tobacco and vape product bans. 


Feel free to check out smoke-free or tobacco retailer licensing ordinances for your local communities, resources to quit smoking or e-cigarette use, and ways to keep your home, apartment, or condo complex and your community environments free from toxins from tobacco, marijuana, or e-cigarette aerosols.


We are a group of passionate health and education organizations and volunteers, here to make a difference along with citizens like you.  Please contact us to get updates. You are welcome to share our great cause. We do this work because every precious life matters to someone. Thank you for visiting our website and check out all our helpful resources!



To report potential violations of tobacco control laws, send an email to complaints@smokefreemarin.com or (415) 473-3020 or you could download a complaint form on this link: Smoking Complaint Form

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