Short Public Health Documentary Videos 

Check out our new one- minute Public Service Announcement broadcast on local television stations, clarifying where you are protected from tobacco and marijuana smoke and electronic smoking device aerosols and fires:

The Marin County Tobacco Related Disease Control Program, the Smoke-Free Marin Coalition, and Bay Area Community Resources are collaborators on the following videos, which can be shown at meetings, posted on Facebook or sent as links in emails to decision makers, teachers, parents, young people or youth. Because every precious life matters to someone. 

Our Documentary Library 

For decision makes on smoke-free outdoor and multi-unit housing policies: 

Community Leaders Stand up to the E-Cigarette and Tobacco Industries:

For Healthy Retail Environments: 

Stores Take a Stand for Community Health:

For Apartment Managers and Tenants:

Smoke-Free Housing Ordinance Victory:

For Teachers and Parents: 

Nicotine Nightmares and E-Cigarettes:

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